Chosen Fonts for Digipak

For the front cover, I had several different options:


font 1 - castellar

I decided that this font would not be suited because the font was with serif, which didn’t suit the boldness of the Deftones and didn’t even vaguely resemble their new trademark font. Additionally, I don’t believe it fit in with the layout very well.

Minion Pro Bold:

font 1 - code bold

However suited as the font is, I decided not to leave the boldness because by leaving it, the aesthetic would be ruined by the title and band name’s exaggerated apparence, when these should in fact complement the rest of the design.

Minion Pro Thin:

font 2 - code light

The thinnest version of the font didn’t function either because it was barely intelligible.

Therefore, I opted for a slightly more pronounced stroke, which I added to the same font. To complete the album’s look, I also changed the color of “Around the Fur” to white so that audiences could easily differentiate the title from the band’s name.

This is the final result (full progress will be posted soon):

around the fur - deftones.jpg

The back cover was something else entirely.

I had a preconceived image of what I wanted my font to look like. Therefore, my first option was the following:


back cover - making of 2

The font per se looks aesthetic, but the somewhat “exotic” look of it didn’t match the fragile appearance of the hand. After looking for a while, I stumbled across a better option.

Minion Pro Thin:

around the fur - deftones6

In this circumstance, the thin version of minion pro was suited to the frail appeal of the back cover, and I am pleased with the end result. Once again, I repeat that all progress pictures will be commented on in upcoming posts.


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