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As evidenced by the results, most Deftones fans are males. Some of the females may even include my female friends (and they only completed the questionnaire seriously because they love me). I can assume that most of these people are from all over the world (esp. the states where the band is very popular),  and from Montreal (Canada) and Cluj (Romania).  The majority of my target audience seems to be aged 16-19, but this may be biased by my friends’ ages, and by the average age of the people who actually visit Reddit and follow me on Twitter.

Their overall preferences include visually striking videos with a mix of bright and dark lighting, and with shady connotations. I will also make sure to make the video slightly violent, to convey the band’s general vibe (as agreed upon by the majority of their fans). In a certain way, I have also come to realize that this video won’t break many conventions for the standards of Deftones – most of their videos have a quirky nature/dark vibe to them, and this is what I’m aiming for. However sorry as I would be to disappoint, I will not include a single trace of performance in the video. This decision isn’t solely based on the limited accessibility to the band; what I don’t want is something basic that anyone can do with the right lighting and the right camera. I want to make this video different and worth remembering, and some insert shots of the band and recurrent abstract elements just won’t cut it.

I had already established that I will share my video on YouTube and Reddit when it’s finished, all of these websites having in common the dedication of fans (I know this from experience).

Coming up next – the idea and the plan.


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