Preliminary Music Video “Hooligans”

As promised, here is my (hopefully) bold, animating and electrifying music video for “Hooligans” (

As the video conveys, the narrative focuses on a bunch of teenagers getting ready, going out, and coming back home in a state of mild mental disarray. The clip begins with a lamp shedding light on whatever it may be, followed by shots of a young woman getting ready and walking out the door. The somewhat sultry appeal is connoted by the provocative heels (and strut), the winged eyeliner and overall demeanour of the portrayed character. This can only dictate what her intentions might be (to party, of course 🙂 ).

The change of setting then brings us into a restaurant, where people embrace, socialize and overall have a good time. The jump-cut goes from the “cheers” between people holding smoothies to people holding shot glasses. This signifies that the setting has, once again, been changed. The lighting also changes. The dim-lit whereabouts, flashing lights and outfits, and dancing people clearly let the audience know that everything is taking place in a club. I meant to make it clear that when the song says “where’s all the hooligans”, different faces are shown in order to portray the hooligans are (some people from the gang of teenagers represent the whole group), and how they’re having fun.

The shaky cam effect is used rather frequently on purpose: it means to convey that the teenagers had “such a great time” that they couldn’t sit still for a moment. It also means to convey how people feel after they’ve had “a couple too many”, which suits the ambient of a party perfectly.

The various scenes filmed in the car mean to tell the audience the means by which the location is changed, and that, in spite of the unfavourable weather, the teenagers are having a blast. The thumbnail shows a one-second shot that I subtly inserted in the video. It doesn’t signify much, aside from the fact that something different might follow. Indeed, the following scenes portray the departure of one of the “hooligans” and her arrival home. The last scene is very shaky and features a change from black to white. Through these shots, the importance is on how the character is doing. In this case, she’s stumbling into her bed because she might have had too much to drink.

The scenes consist of sudden, fast-paced jump-cuts that mean to connote agitation and exhilaration on the youngsters’ part. The sole blurry transition means to make the cut between 2 similar party scenes, to connote the “blur of the moment”. Likewise, the shots showed in reverse put emphasis on the actions done in the spur of the moment.

This video’s weaknesses are manifold. The lightings might not always have been chosen to be opportune (e.g. when my friend struts out the door). There is room for improvement in what concerns the content. I did not have enough footage to use, so I had to recycle some films. The camera wasn’t professional either. I’ll be perfectly honest: I used my Samsung S4 to film everything.

I also had a very simple idea to convey, and I didn’t feel the need to take up 3 minutes to do so (hence, the limited duration of the video).

Either way, I had fun putting this together with iMovie, and it definitely taught me a lot about how things should be done (pertaining to lighting, filming). It shed light on the potential contingencies that I could avoid by planning ahead (e.g. making sure to film more so I don’t run short of content to include and potentially make something out of).


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