Music Video Trial

As practice for the music video I am to create, I have decided to put together a mini music video which will comprise shots/techniques/components that I consider appealing enough to experiment with: glitch (static disruptions in the course of the video), lip-syncing, both hand-held and fixed camera filming, close-up shooting, 2,5D filming, slow and fast-motion, dimmed-down lighting, and jump-cut transitions – and these are some of the few I am presently considering.

I found it noteworthy to discover that changing an image’s .JPEG at the end with .TXT, then modifying that image’s written codes and opening it will cause glitches and disruptions in the picture’s composition.

This realization prompted my research and impelled me to create something of my own. I was inspired by sites like or to create something raw and edgy, just like I plan to do for the Deftones. Since I tried not to deviate too much from the genre of video I want my final product to be, the song I chose is Hooligans by Example. Similar elements can be found in both songs: jump-cuts, sudden movements, a fast-paced rhythm.

The video is coming up soon, and will be posted in the “Preliminary Work” section.


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