Planning Photo Shoot for the Table of Contents Page

New plan of action:

If you can recall, this was one of my rough drafts for the table of contents page.


I’m aware that I changed the layout when I did my first draft because I ceased liking the idea I initially had. Recently, I thought of something else I could do. The main constituent of the whole contents page is the ear that picks up on the sound waves. I told myself that instead of Photoshopping an ear on a (more or less) random picture, I would use a picture of an actual person.

This led me to do a photo shoot with a friend of mine. She’s not just another pretty face to fill the void. I chose to do this because she’s also an art student, whose drawings I will take pictures of and include in my table of contents page, portraying her as an emerging artist. I will also add a title in the “Sommaire” section, an article that would showcase her work.

Contacting the model:

11056905_538682109605722_1011248988_n 11047095_538682129605720_758346914_n

My friend Ana is my model of choice. This is what she looks like.


I chose her because she has experience with photo shoots and is a very good friend of mine. We wouldn’t have problems achieving optimal results because we agree on most things, and give each other advice when needed.

She’s also young, and a fresh face would appeal to my target audience. Her looks are also suited for the page layout I’m aiming to achieve in my table of contents, and so is her art. I will, like I stated in the text message, opt for an elegant and delicate appearance.


Seeing as I’m planning on cropping Ana out and integrating her directly into my contents page (white background behind her), the background needs to be as simple and white as possible. In what concerns the drawings, I will pick them according to how they need to be fitted with the page, they depend on which picture of Ana I will choose to integrate into my magazine. I will not post pictures of the location in which I shall accomplish the photo shoot simply because it doesn’t matter which background I use; it will be cropped out anyway.

I will make my model to wear something as dark, fashionable and modern as possible; so that it can match any design or color I plan on employing for the layout. This should also sit well with my target audience because I’ll choose modern clothes that today’s youth culture can be associated with. When we see something we can relate to, we automatically appreciate it more. This type of outfit goes for all but one of the rough drafts.

The exception showcases her actually drawing out her ideas, so that will be the only picture in which she’ll have to wear something as simple as possible. The outfit would have to say “I’m working; I don’t need to look glamorous for this”. This would also appeal to the target audience because it would promote simplicity and progress, which are two of the most essential, eye-catching features something can have. If the outfit is simple, it would let the audience focus more on the action, focus on the idea behind the picture.

Design rough drafts:


This design seems very liberating to me. By looking at it, I want people think that it feels like a breath of fresh air. The way everything is extended would be representative of the fluidity and simplicity yet intricacy I’m trying to convey through this whole magazine. It goes without saying that the freedom that emanates from this potential design is also representative of the freedom that anyone has when making art (relation to art magazine).


This plan contains a speech bubble so as to clearly say that the girl in the table of contents is thinking about art. In a way, this would represent the readers per se, who would be directly exposed to numerous artworks that this magazine would contain. This would remind the audience what kind of magazine they’re reading, and would encourage them to pursue their skimming.


This sketch switches the symbolism behind the table of contents page. Instead of perception, it would showcase the creation of sound waves. This would be all that more related to art, being so focused on the idea of actually constructing something. I feel like my audience would like this because the picture of someone screaming would be very bold and eye-catching. This would get my readers’ attention from the start, and, if I’m not mistaken, get them to read on.


This layout would portray the ear in the best of ways, making the subliminal message easier to grasp by the audience, who would then get immediate gratification of being on the same page as me. Too much ambiguity isn’t good either seeing as it confuses the reader/observer, and this design would prevent that.


This design is very similar to the previous one, except for the fact that no hand movement of gaze deviation is depicted. There’s an element of stillness involved in this drawing, which would give my readers an impression of stability and calmness. This is also the feeling that the creation of art gives people, so it would be directly related to the concept of an art magazine.


This representation would allow my audience to feel like they’re up close and personal with the artist, because there’s nothing more intimate that the creation of something that is inspired whole heartedly by inner cognitive processes. This would add sensibility to my contents page and hopefully immerse the readers in the matters of the heart, with which they would associate this magazine.


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