Magazine’s Photos and Fonts

I have come to a conclusion pertaining to the general direction I want my magazine to be going in. Each part of the magazine will have its unique style, and the fonts and pictures that will be featured in it will be picked accordingly.

Cover page: The cover page will feature the following image:


It was taken by me this New Year’s Eve while the miniature firecrackers were going off. I liked the generalized setting in which these firecrackers were found so I decided I’d make a photoshoot of their explosions. I will post more pictures from that photoshoot in a subsequent post. From the choices I had, I picked this picture because I think it is perfect for the cover; it screams “contemporary art”. It seems to me that this modern picture goes hand-in-hand with the masthead I created:


Some changes were made to distinguish the I from the A, and the second I was made longer for the sake of aesthetics. I thought it looked better this way; it gives the masthead more symmetry. Without going into details, I should also mention that the cover picture features an “igniting fire” because it represents the start of something new. This can be symbolic of the title (rising from a state of complacency, impotence, and beginning to develop harnessed potential), as well as of the magazine in itself (this is the first issue, it is a beginning). The cover page represents modernity, this is what I’ll be going for when creating its final version.

Table of contents page: I visualise this page as bordering on sophistication. The main picture will be the following:

restaurant unguresc (22)

When I create my draft, I will sketch this picture in the right corner of the spread. I will replace the red flowers with the picture of an ear (collage style):


Instead of writing table of contents, I will title the page: “Sommaire”. This is a way of saying table of contents in French. Aside from adding to the “sophistication”, once repeated many times in English, this word can start sounding like the word sonar. A sonar is actually a system that is meant to detect sound pulses underwater. The correlation between the word sonar and the collage of the ear will fully make sense when I organize the titles of the small articles so as to convey sound waves as such:


The titles are the following: The truth behind “the Grand Budapest Hotel” Montreal’s “Luminothérapie” installation Majestic Michelangelo’s Masterpieces Sounds of the Underground Tragedy and Turmoil DYI: festival outfits Concert³ – these may change accordingly, they are definitely not set in stone.The title of my double spread article is yet to be found, so I didn’t include it in this enumeration. They will be placed like the orange “sound waves” can be perceived in the picture above. I would be lying if I said there was no relation between the delicacy of the style of the page I’m willing to attain, and the fragility of the human ability to perceive (more explanations to come after the magazine’s completion). I will also Photoshop additional pictures of flowers onto the table of contents page. These are the pictures I am considering (all taken by myself):

bike gouin park (2)bike gouin park (13) bunica suzi garden (2) front yard roses (2) saint maria flower from eugen (aronu)selling house 008front yard roses in dt with malina and analuisa - sahara (18)

The fonts I need to choose from all have their pros and cons. Here they are: To write sommaire, I’m considering:

1. 10961677_523442211129712_1803163151_n

It is very sophisticated, and fits perfectly with the theme. I just don’t know if it’s clear enough to depict the smaller titles, so I’d most probably use it to write “sommaire”.

2. 10954210_523442187796381_2074863470_n

This font has a lot of personality, it would definitely make the table of contents stand out. Its sole inconvenience is its unclarity.

3. 10957440_523442184463048_186367082_n

This font is gorgeous and delicate, but the writing is unclear and  debatably suitable for a magazine.

4. 10841298_523442197796380_125576976_n

This font is original and imposing, but it rather looks like the font a macaroon vendor would use for his shop’s name.

5. 10967812_523442204463046_1958135574_n

This font is practical and understandable. It can be used to depict the titles of the articles, but it doesn’t exactly match any of the title fonts I’m considering.

6. 10965558_523474781126455_1715229532_n

This font doesn’t exactly match any of the title fonts either, but it’s very original and it can represent the sound waves very nicely. I will definitely use it to write the titles of the articles (if ever this one doesn’t work out, I’ll probably change it for something more simple but still use it for the barcode on the bottom of the cover page).

Double spread: The picture featured in the double spread will be this one: five roses

All the explanations concerning it will come in due time (I am currently writing the article for my double spread). For now, it is only relevant for you to know that the double spread will have a “street style/graffiti” look to it. I have not yet determined whether I will graffiti the title of the page myself, or if I will use one of the following fonts:


This font is a good option because it is done in graffiti letters, but I’m not sure it would go very well with the general theme of the article.


I’ll favor this font because it is well executed. I find it to be slick and versatile, and this is representative of the text I’ll be writing about the picture.

3. 10958782_523442207796379_585900266_n

I very much like this font, but it is more modern than it is bold and daring, so I will refrain from using it.

4. 10967812_523442204463046_1958135574_n

While this font wasn’t suited for the table of contents page, I feel that it would serve me well in the double spread. It’s simultaneously modern and bold, and it’s suited enough for large bodies of text without being too tiring to read.

Conclusion: All I’m missing now is the full text of the article and the modification of the pictures I will use. Since most of these pictures have very low resolution, I will print them all, work on them manually, and scan them when they’re ready. This will give them a better image quality, and it will leave me with more options concerning what I want my final outcome to be. I will post pictures of the images’ evolution from time to time, until the final product is attained. Once I will be done with my images, I will create the rough drafts and post them onto here.


2 thoughts on “Magazine’s Photos and Fonts

  1. Nicely composed pictures. Ever tried taking pictures of flowers on eye level camera. flowers have personality that emerges when we take pictures not from high angle but eye level and close.


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