Readership Profile

Given the research I have conducted, I have been able to determine that my audience will comprise of people ranging from ages 16 to around 20 years old or older. These people would typically like visually-based magazines (anything short, sweet and to the point, or aesthetic can be appealing to them). The people I’m targeting are predominantly traditional and attracted to store-bought, paper version magazines, books, newspapers, CDs, etc. I am looking to possibly sell this magazine in a store that sells these types of things (therefore, I am definitely envisioning a freebie I can create to match the magazine).

The socio-economic group my audience could potentially fit into could be A and E and everything in between. Primarily, we should consider anyone from these groups to crave visual and mental stimulation (there is no rule as to which socio-economic class they belong to). My respondents were, in majority, Canadian or Romanian, but the target audience will likely be based in Canada to simplify the distribution (to begin with). Because the magazine is in English, I would sell it in English speaking places I am personally comfortable with and that I know are popular. I would aim for Toronto and Montreal. This way, if the distribution in one city fails, I’d learn from my mistakes and hopefully have another profitable alternative.

If we evaluate my potential audience in terms of psychographic variables, I can say these people are likely to be reformers or individuals. My readers are most likely to be people who enjoy art galleries, who enjoy seeing life from different perspectives, who can admire and appreciate creativity and beauty and bring their own ideas to the table (being an active audience that can interact with my magazine to convey meaning). Typically, these people would have this innate curiosity about what is going on in the world, and more.

Now that I know who my target audience is, it’s time to get to work!


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