Minimalist photo shoot in the forest

I was at Băişoara for an art/media project called Landart the other weekend. It was literally a breath of fresh air for me seeing as it took place somewhere in the woods and broadened my horizons in what concerns the realisation and documentation of numerous artworks. The following are some pictures that I shot in the very natural environment that I spent a couple of days in. None of these pictures were edited; I wanted to preserve the essence of nature by keeping these pictures as natural as possible.

ANA_4958 ANA_4949 ANA_4947 ANA_4943 ANA_4942 ANA_4938 ANA_4941 ANA_4937 SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCANA_4934 ANA_5118 ANA_4981 ANA_4979 ANA_4976 ANA_4974 ANA_4975 ANA_4970 ANA_4967 ANA_4964


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