Mise-en-scene – Creating a Movie Setting (small scale)


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

This picture represents drama first of all because of the seemingly dramatic filter, which emanates an “orange” glow that reminded me of sadness and melancholy. The blurry hand in the corner, the nearly empty strong alcohol bottle and the empty, fallen shot glass also contribute to this effect. The books and the alcohol also represent the high-class – this drama could be happening to a rich family with numerous altercations.



This picture represents the process of a lady getting ready to go out, but doesn’t quite know what to accessorise with. The fact that this lady is given so many choices but doesn’t know what to choose represents the mixed feelings this woman has for a certain man, and, consequently, the (sometimes) indecisive nature of love. This particular mise-en-scene barely transcends the borderline giving into the chick flick category, but doesn’t do so because the filter gives it the mysterious look of a sultry romance. In addition, the white framing, I found, gave this picture a look of luxury, something that the woman owning this make-up and jewelry could be very fond of. It represents the naivety of a superficial woman in love.


Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

The look of the frame I was going for here was the one that screams the theme “childhood trauma”. The “model” in the picture has his eyes wide open and the light effect gives them a blood-shot look. In this photograph, the person is not only supposed to look scared and severely sleep-deprived, but to transmit his state to the rest of us (which is, all in all, what a thriller does). The dramatic shadow in the background represents something more, connotes repressed feelings of  intense fear. It’s like the actor is trying to hide something that is bigger than him, that he can’t always succeed in hiding because it’s eating him from the inside (that’s what his facial expression is supposed to denote – troublesome behavior).

Note: All these pictures were taken in the same corner of a room.


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