Photo-shopped picture of myself

This picture of myself was edited very heavily. I was already wearing a lot of eye makeup beforehand, so no changes were made there. All the aspects of the picture are, however, from pictures that were taken by me. If you look closely in the background, you’ll be able to see some sort of concert scene. The lights were taken from an actual concert (30 Seconds to Mars for you curious souls out there), and the picture of the audience was at a random party. Nonetheless, they complimented each other very nicely when combined. I recreated a concert setting because I’m obsessed with music and with live representations. Concerts make me feel like I’m at home; they convey a sense of unity, of compassion and of freedom that I’ve never encountered in any other social context. The red lipstick speaks for itself: the daring lip positions represent boldness and the color in itself symbolizes passion and angst (the lips come from another picture of myself). The picture is black and white simply because these are shades that I am comfortable with.

I chose a picture with heavy makeup simply because it’s a part of myself I don’t show too often and I sometimes forget exists. I felt like I needed some reminding that I can do whatever I set my mind to, that I can be who I want to be. The discontinuous lines that cross the picture seemingly haphazardly are in fact representative of the borders of a continent that doesn’t exist. This not only subliminally reveals my desire to travel by simply being present in the picture, but also proclaims my impossible wish of a united earth – we should all just be citizens of the world, capable of empathy for one another. This newly represented “continent” therefore has a meaning, even if it looks mind-numbingly abstract (the abstract shape actually comes from a picture that I wanted to copy-paste in the photograph; I concluded that I didn’t even need to fill the shape, for the contour was suffice to complete the picture somehow).


The editing might not be top-notch, but lest we forget that I am a beginner. In the near future, may this become a vestige of my inexperience.


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